On 4/26/11 3:03 PM, Bruce Johnson wrote:
On Apr 26, 2011, at 11:26 AM, Yersinia wrote:

So there IS an easy way to name and secure my little network? If so, I would 
greatly appreciate it if one of you wifi locksmiths could provide me with 
step-by-step instructions. Here is the equipment list:

Router: US Robotics MAXg, Model 5461.
USR has a nice easy-peasy tutorial here:


Just select the defaults of WPA2 and WPA (PSK), and TKIP&  AES.

Yeah, the tutorial was VERY easy to understand, thank you, Bruce. (Tina: my original attempt to secure my router was to (try to) do what the manual said, but I had problems and now, over a year later, I don't know where the manual is anymore). However, after I Googled to find out what all the security options in the tutorial actually meant ("enough" anyway: I cannot claim to REALLY understand wifi/wifi security tech: if I did, I wouldn't have this issue. Anyway, I decided I didn't want those defaults. I want to use WEP open because it's best for my Trailing Edge equipment. I don't want to even try WPA2 because I'm scared sh*tless I'll end up locking myself out of my own network. Hell, I locked myself out on my own porch in the dead of winter! :-{

See, when my BF originally got his wireless brick he couldn't get in on HIS G4 Quicksilver (running 10.4.3 at the time, don't know if he updated it since then or not; I did put the 10.4.11 update on his flash drive at some point some time after that but don't know if he used it). Well I recall him grumbling about "WPA2" and being pissed off saying "I thought I read somewhere that Tiger DID support WPA2!" or something like that...and there was some PITA crap he had to go through so he could use his own wifi, and my iBook's Airport will NOT join his brick wifi when I'm at his house unless he gives me this dongle-ish thingie to plug into one of the USB ports (and my iBook DOES have 10.4.11 on it). Well, that's why I don't want to taste any of the various flavors of WPA. OK, though, thought I'd be OK after all when I did eventually did find instructions at the US Robotics site on how to set up WEP, and it even took me to the page to do it. Problem is, THAT is NOT simple. I didn't understand and/or know where to look for the info it asks for and didn't have the time to write it all down so I can do more Google and look up stuff later. :-( I don't know nearly enough about any of this to keep from really screwing up.

Thank you all anyway, though.

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