Luke Schierer kirjoitti:
> This will be the last string change before the final release.  Ethan
> tells me that for some languages this will be more than a search and
> replace operation, or I would just sed the po files and change the name
> myself. 

Unfortunately it looks like some string changes have been made that make
it impossible to translate those strings anymore in a correct way. I
noticed these:

"Welcome to " - two of these
"About "
"distributed with " - in the end of the long Pidgin description, also
starts with empty space but there the non-conjugated "Pidgin" fits in at
least in my language
"You are using "
"_Force (traditional "
"Options specific to Windows "
"Provides options specific to Windows "

All of the above are probably attaching "Pidgin" after the string, which
breaks the translations in many languages as the translator is not given
the possibility to conjugate the word Pidgin in the way that would fit
the string. I tried to work around the problems but it's usually simply
quite impossible without the translation sounding very stupid.

I guess the idea was to keep some more parts of the translations not
bound to the program name, but could these listed ones be reverted so
that they include the "Pidgin" in the English translatable string?

There were some others similar to these, too, but I'd guess they are
translatable still in every language - the difference is that in those
above there some extra word like "to", "about", "with" etc., which in
many languages are done by conjugating the words.

Not sure why, but some items seem not to be translated at all in the UI
now, including "Welcome to Pidgin!", and "You have no accounts
enabled..." and the About Pidgin dialog including the title and the
first paragraph describing Pidgin. I'm currently using the snapshot
linked to at, with (again) fully translated
fi.po file.


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