Pau Rodriguez-Estivill píše v Po 27. 03. 2006 v 17:02 +0200:
> Hi!
> I propose to automatic create a virtual Meta-Buddy (or meta-contact)
> when a buddy has the same alias (name) and are in the same group. With
> that people can have the same person accessible for different JID's and
> in the same place inside the roaster. And by other hand the meta-buddy's
> are automatically adopted and also does not need to create some strange
> roaster structure. I haven't researched for possible extensions for
> roaster but I think that normally people does not have 2 different
> persons with the same alias (name) and in the same group, and when it
> was is because it is the same person with different jids.
> Thanks!

This is realy nice idea !!

There should be some way to determine most usable contact to be used as
default (when Metta-Buddy is selected -- for example: double clicked
when opening chat). This wants simple and genial idea, how make roaster

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