Pau Rodriguez-Estivill wrote:
I propose to automatic create a virtual Meta-Buddy (or meta-contact)
when a buddy has the same alias (name) and are in the same group. With
that people can have the same person accessible for different JID's and
in the same place inside the roaster. And by other hand the meta-buddy's
are automatically adopted and also does not need to create some strange
roaster structure. I haven't researched for possible extensions for
roaster but I think that normally people does not have 2 different
persons with the same alias (name) and in the same group, and when it
was is because it is the same person with different jids.


I don't think it's a so good idea to automaticaly do metacontacts. Metacontacts are implemented in Gajim (svn) so you just have to Drag and Drop one contact on another to have them grouped. Isn't it what you want?

The one that is selected when you dubble click on such a contact is computed this way:
first jabber contact. If not transport contacts.
then (if several jabber contacts) priority
then (if several with same prio) status

The JEP (that is not out yet, but soonI hope) also provides a way to specify the priority in metacontacts. Gajim take that into account when computing the one that has to be used, but for the moment doesn't allow user to modify this priority.

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