Op ma, 15-05-2006 te 19:15 +0200, schreef Yann Le Boulanger:
> Indeed we removed proxy65.jabber.ccc.de cause it was dead for a long 
> time. I don't understand why you're angry. I hope you don't want us to
> list all non-working FT proxies ? 

As far as I understand, Florian configured proxy65.jabber.ccc.de by
hand, and an upgrade script replaced it by other proxies?  In that case
I understand very well why he's angry...

A good rule about upgrade scripts is to never ever change the (meaning
of) user's own configuration, and if you _really_ have to, at least give
them notice about it.  This is even more important if security and/or
privacy are involved (like in this case).

(If people wanted insecure software that does all sort of sneaky things
after their back, they would be using MSN Messenger on Windows and not a
Jabber client on linux...)

Jan Claeys

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