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You are considered as SPAM because your IP is blacklisted:

IP XX.XX.XX.XX blacklisted by [2],
[2], [163]

It is 2016, you really do not need to blacklist IPs, there are other options to fight spam - at least captchas (which is already implemented) and manual verification.

I think I have a bit more experience than you on the spam on this tracker. I'd love to remove all that anti-spam things that makes me loose a lot of time because of stupid guys, really !

1/ Yes, for your contacts to know which feature your client support,
we send the identity of the client. see XEP-0115 [0].

Would the consequences of turning this "features sending" off be harmful for conversations?

Yes. see 4/

3/ I don't really understand what you mean. Log encrypted messages is
used by Gajim to locally log (write to db) your chat when it is
encrypted by GPG or E2E.

I meant that I turned it off and then after some time it shows as on. Considering other thing that happened when ft_send_local_ips selectively being turned on, I found it strange. Like maybe some other options or actions turn this options on?

Nothing turns on this option on except advanced configuration editor. It is on by default when you create a new account. And it's not linked at all with the ft_Send_local_ip option.

So your paranoid mode also means a client with very few features

I think it would be the core features everybody who prefer more privacy wants, like messaging, encryption, offline sending, maybe file transfer. Would "paranoid mode" break those things?

Yes it would. Gajim don't allow you to send a file to a contact if it doesn't support it. And use only the FT protocols that are supported by your contact's client (there are several). So not announcing we support that means no FT at all. Same thing for encryption and many many other things.

Gajim also asks for a few things to
server on connection to know if it support some features, and just
asking that in the particular order Gajim asks is enough for the
server to know you use Gajim.

Well, first great step would be if just other clients, not server, get no more information than needed.

Once again, Gajim build stanza in a certain order, send errors in some format, etc. So I'm quite sure it's not hard to identify Gajim with just sending a few stanza and see how it replies.
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