Hi Ryan, Ann, and everyone else

I second what Nate says (I always do :-).  I too like that it is user
driven.  And, while I am not a developer, I do plan on being on the call as
often as possible.

I can also offer my support for logistical and any other support.  Ann,
please let me know if you want help with getting this going and getting the
word out.

On a related note, ....  With Matloob's email, we have at least 3
organizations in Australia and New Zealand that are interested. I know that
there are many more Galaxy installations in that part of the world (and you
have Enis and Ross in Australia now).  Would this be a good opportunity to
set up the first (to my knowledge) regional user group?  If anyone thinks
this is a good idea, please respond (and create a new thread).

Finally, Ann, thanks for starting this.

Dave C

I also  that both Ross and Enis are in Australia now

On Sun, Apr 29, 2012 at 10:24 AM, Nate Coraor <n...@bx.psu.edu> wrote:

> Hi Ryan,
> I like that it's user-directed, and we could be there to provide input,
> although if help is needed to organize the call we could probably assist
> with that.  I plan to be on the call as often as my schedule allows, and I
> believe some of the other developers on the team would also be interested.
> --nate
> On Apr 28, 2012, at 8:49 AM, Ryan Golhar wrote:
> > One question - Are the Galaxy developers involved in this or is this for
> user's only?  It may be helpful to have developers on the call to provide
> information that users do not necessarily have.
> >
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