To all interested in Dave's suggestion:

IMHO, an Australian/New Zealand Galaxy user/deployer/developer group
will be worth setting up and will be viable if it solves specific
problems that aren't adequately addressed by existing networks and
communication channels - otherwise it will be JAFUG (just another
fleeting user group) and will likely fizzle due to lack of genuine
utility to potential participants.

EG: One challenge for us when it comes to (eg) the proposed
teleconferences is the tyranny of time zones - being 14 hours ahead of
EST eg in Melbourne/Sydney. The other big challenge is that travel to
meetings in Europe or the USA is expensive and exhausting, so
workshops and hands on training are harder to get to. In general, I
think we're probably going to be able to find plenty of problems to do
with geographic isolation and maybe even some specific Australian
challenges - but let's be clear about exactly what those are before we
start building any structures. One problem I keep seeing is that there
are many organisations happy to invest in hardware infrastructure, but
far less willing to invest in the training and staff development
needed for success.

Two things I'd like to suggest to help with planning:

1) to get a better idea of scope, it would be very handy to assemble a
register of potential organisations and their primary contacts. I
already know of some large Australian organisations investing heavily
in Galaxy deployment - eg - VLSCI in Melbourne; UQ in Brisbane, CSIRO
all over the place, the Victorian DPI, AGRF, and the BakerIDI where
I'm based - no doubt there are plenty of others too?

2) to make sure the idea is viable, it would be useful to collect some
specific deployment challenges that people are experiencing that some
kind of local user's group could help overcome?

One focus I have a personal interest in exploring would be in face to
face educational activities: eg for local Galaxy instance system
administrators? Local tool developers? Local biologist users in
specific contexts like short read sequencing?

Suggestions welcomed...

On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 12:37 PM, Dave Clements
<> wrote:
> Hi Ryan, Ann, and everyone else
> I second what Nate says (I always do :-).  I too like that it is user
> driven.  And, while I am not a developer, I do plan on being on the call as
> often as possible.
> I can also offer my support for logistical and any other support.  Ann,
> please let me know if you want help with getting this going and getting the
> word out.
> On a related note, ....  With Matloob's email, we have at least 3
> organizations in Australia and New Zealand that are interested. I know that
> there are many more Galaxy installations in that part of the world (and you
> have Enis and Ross in Australia now).  Would this be a good opportunity to
> set up the first (to my knowledge) regional user group?  If anyone thinks
> this is a good idea, please respond (and create a new thread).
> Finally, Ann, thanks for starting this.
> Dave C
> I also  that both Ross and Enis are in Australia now
> On Sun, Apr 29, 2012 at 10:24 AM, Nate Coraor <> wrote:
>> Hi Ryan,
>> I like that it's user-directed, and we could be there to provide input,
>> although if help is needed to organize the call we could probably assist
>> with that.  I plan to be on the call as often as my schedule allows, and I
>> believe some of the other developers on the team would also be interested.
>> --nate
>> On Apr 28, 2012, at 8:49 AM, Ryan Golhar wrote:
>> > One question - Are the Galaxy developers involved in this or is this for
>> > user's only?  It may be helpful to have developers on the call to provide
>> > information that users do not necessarily have.

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