Hi Kellie,
Thanks. Hopefully I can begin releasing 3D games sometime early next year. So far porting my Genesis 3D FPS engine to Java is going quite well all things considered. I have a lot of the basic player commands programmed into the engine such as walking, running, sidestepping, jumping, climbing, etc. I think the next step will be porting the 3D level editor over to Java so I can build some test levels to test out the engine and test actually moving around in a full 3D environment. I am pretty psyched about the whole thing because when Genesis 3D is ready to create 3D games it will be the first taiste of accessible mainstream style games most on this list have ever experienced. A true 3D environment adds a completely new dinamic to playing games as enemies can be above, below, left, right, ahead, or behind you, and you also have to look up and if the enemy is above or below your line of sight you have to look up or down to shoot at it as well as line it up. So It is going to be a lot trickier to master than a point and shoot game. It will take some practice for most gamers I think. Especially, since a player's pov, (point of view,) is often ignored in accessible games, but it is quite common in the mainstream market in FPS games. I suppose some concepts like point of view are ignored, because many of the blind accessible game developers probably don't fully understand it not having had sight before. While it is pretty much a totally sighted concept it still can be done in audio quite well by using 3D audio as well as targeting beeps to indicate if the triangulation is correct and the enemy is precisely lined up for a shot. I plan to add some look ahead command which will tell you exactly what is in front of you such as doors, walls, enemys, special items, etc so that you can get an idea of what is directly in your character's line of sight. So all in all I guess we will get to find out together what it is like to play something similar to mainstream games only made in a totally audio format. I expect there will be lots of testing involved before it is all ready to go. Smile.

Kellie and my lovable Lady J. wrote:
> Tom,
> I can not wait til your games are out. I feel the same way about the accessible game market. I love a lot of the games that are currently out. But, I so wish for a game of a different sort. I really would love to see a rpg but being that they can be so intensive I am not sure if I will ever see that come to pass. But I appreciate all the work you put in and can't wait to play the games you create. *smile*
> Kellie and my lovable Lady J.
> canine welfare Technician. Guide Dogs for the Blind, Oregon campus.
> www.guidedogs.com

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