Hi Darren,
For me it is an issue of how challenging the game is, and being able to try several different things. Many of the current accessible games don't provide a lot of serious challenges for me. I don't consider myself super inteligent, but I do think the A.I. systems in a lot of accessible games falls short of putting up a serious challenge for me. For example, I initially wrote STFC, because I found GMA's Trek 2000 way too simple to play. Yeah, I know others have told me the game was super hard, it is a difficult game, so I baught it and beat it on all five difficulty levels in a month. Most of the time when I play on the highest difficulty I walk away from the game with 3 ships and two bases, and there have been a number of times I didn't lose any ships and stations on difficulty 5. That means it is just too easy if I can walk away from the game with everything in tact, and totally whiped out all the enemies. Besides better A.I. in mainstream games I find there is a lot more strategical opertunities that just aren't available in audio games. In a mainstream game you might be able to take up a snipers position behind packing crates, pillars, from catwalks, bridges, whatever. If you are firing down at a bunch of enemies from high up it instantly gives you better strategical attacks. If you are hiding behind a crate and fire at an enemy over the top and duck down behind it you have a shield of sort to block incoming fire while you can blast the enemies out in the open. I like being able to pick my battles and do the logical thing like sniper my enemies from various vantage points when it is available.

Darren Harris wrote:
Yup this is the trouble. There's very few games out there that I'd
definitely go out and buy, because of that reason.

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