Hi Charles,
Well, I know in one case, USA Raceway, is actually going to be a bit better than the original design. James North's version of Raceway was going to be more or less like the classic Poll Position where you raced against three other cars on the track. you could select a track like an oval, figure 8, etc. What I want to do with Raceway is make it along the lines of Nascar Thunder. Complete with a 26 game season, 10 championship races, season scores, realistic physics, force feedback support, etc. My version will probably rock when it is completed. So try and not get too bumbed out over them not being exactly the original. Smile.

Charles Rivard wrote:
Just off the top of my head, here goes: If I remember right, Tom didn't want the games to not be created, thus leaving those who preordered with nothing. He also wanted to work on them. He is still doing so, although, through the demands of others, plans have had to be changed. I commend Tom for not letting gamers get screwed. Gamers, myself among the number, preordered both titles in good faith from James North, who let all of us down. He also screwed Tom, big time. Tom is working on rectifying the situation as best he can, as quickly as he can. Other projects he has plans for are on hold. I can't wait to see those, too. The games he is working on may not be in their original form, which bums me out, but I'll get good games, I'm sure. Hang in there, folks. Don't give up, Tom. It'll get there.

Pretty is as pretty does.

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