Hi Dark,
Well, seeing as this is open source the nice thing is any developer is allowed to modify the source, and make whatever changes as needed. I technically could do it myself if I had the time to sit down with it. Right now the issues seam to be on the Windows side of things as I do play Freeciv from time to time on Linux and Orca seams to do better with it than Jaws, Hal, or Window Eyes. One thing I'd want to make sure of is any access issues that get changed should effect the Windows port and not the Linux version as other than a few gripes here and there the linux version is ok. They have a Mac version as well, but can't test that versionwithout a MacBook. Anyway, as you pointed out generally the open source community is open to accessibility changes. They aren't like a commercial group of die-hard developers and most of them are just your average Joe who writes this program on the side. If you have programming skills they will let you on board to make whatever access changes are necessarily provided it doesn't effect their own use of the product.

dark wrote:
Hi Tom.

I'll look over freeciv with Hal, and then have a think and contact the devs.

In my experience, people who are highly dedicated to projects like freeciv are often incredibly happy that their pet creations will be accessible, and quite willing to make a few changes here and there.

Fully rewriting the front end or adding complete sapi support might be a bit of a big thing to ask, ----- but if there were some more minimal changes, ---- eg, changes in layout or labling which could help, I've often found that small dedicated groups of developers are incredibly happy to make such changes.

Actually, in these sorts of situations, I often think working with the creators of games and programs like Freeciv is an incredibly good thing for everyone, and better than either A, giving up on something entirely, or B, trying to just keep it within the Vi gaming community.

Just my personal thoughts on this subject after being in a good many of those sorts of conversations with devs.

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