Hi Ari,
Yeah, I have done some playing around with Freeciv. The Linux port of Freeciv isn't too bad with Orca since the interface has been designed with the GTK+ 2.x graphics toolkit. The problem with the Windows port of Freeciv is Jaws and Window Eyes are totally brain dead to open source graphic toolkits like QT and GTK+. As a result to make Freeciv accessible to a Windows screen reader such as Jaws the front end needs to be rewritten in Microsoft's proprietary Win32 toolkit. That said I do think making an accessible version of Freeciv should be pretty easy. I see two possabilities. One is to rewrite the front end using the Win32 API, or just forget about the front end and have everything spoken on screen using Sapi or similar TTS output. Perhaps once MOTA and Raceway are done such an updated Freeciv project would be a fun and useful project.

ari wrote:
Hi Thomas and John,
There is an open-source civilisation-type game, which could, I think, be made accessible with not too much effort, especially for us who like that sort of thing. Many elements of the game is text-based, it's just a question of the interface being quite difficult to control using JAWS. The game is called Freeciv, sorry, but I don't know the address. There was even once a discussion on the forum about making an accessible front-end, but that sort of never took off.

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