hi list.
please forgive me not replying in the smugglers 4 threads, but because of my 
annoying jaws issue, I couldn't select the subject line in a digest in order to 
copy it so i could paste it into my subject of this message.
anyway, I think its great the smugglers 4 developer is trying to make his game 
however i just wish he had consulted us on what we as blind players need.
as although i like this type of game, there are several issues with it that for 
me just make the game a lot of hard work to play, in fact i've pritty much 
given up playing it.#]
firstly the biggest headake is for a jfw user the combat screen when your ship 
is fighting just looks a total mess, its really hard to make sense of it and 
you can't easily find options as they are berried in bits of random text about 
your ship, or some times split over several lines.
my second big headake is the fact that he's just tried to adapt the interface a 
little bit, i'm sure we all agree it would be a lot easier to play if we had a 
conventional menu system we could use with the pc cursor, and maybe even the 
ability to press letters to activate particular options.
i'm playing on a laptop, and its probably because of the amount of cursoring 
around i have to do as well as simulated mouse clicks that just annoys me, it 
can some times take me 15 or 20 minutes just to beat one ship.
mostly because after each action i do like firing a gun i have to cursor down 
to the bottom of the screen, simulate a mouse click with caps and number 8 to 
click ok, and then move back up the screen and try to find the fire option 
again, and then if i have 1 point left over i have to waste time hunting around 
the screen for the end turn option.
your arms can get quite tired when doing a lot of simulated mouse clicks lol.
all in all i find this game frustrating to play and i wouldn't recommend anyone 
to buy it untill either its interface is radicly altered for us, or neils 
designs a conventional menu system for us.
i wrote to him explaining my issues, and he wrote back complaining sales of his 
game hadn't been as good as he'd hoped so it would make it harder for him to 
continue developing the blind compatibility mode. thing is though if he'd 
actually consulted the gamers list on what we needed or wanted in the first 
place he would have been able to design it so it would be both fun and easy to 
play, and would probably get a lot more sales. so i actually have very little 
simpathy for the game not selling as well as he'd hoped because he didn't 
design it well for us, he just went ahead and did what he thought we needed.
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