Downgrading vidio drivers in any case is a very bad idea. I try to stay current with my HP driver updates to insure I have the most current and stable drivers for my notebook and I don't relish the idea of downgrading to an XP driver that wasn't designed for this notebook. So that definitely isn't a chanse I am willing to take for Eamon. As far as Vista's problem with 16 byt programs I'm not really that suprised. Vista has several major changes inside the Windows core that breaks compatibility with a lot of older technologies. Microsoft is trying to clean house, dumping a lot of libraries and backward support that is no longer needed, so that they can hopefully produce a more stable and more up to date operating system. Problem is that means to support Vista many software developers need to upgrade their stuff, and home users need to upgrade most of their stuff to get on the Windows Vista/Windows 7 platforms.

Shadow Dragon wrote:
Dosbox or some other dos emulator is the only way I know of that you can do this. You can't run eamon in a regular window, its full screen by default, and vista can't run 16 bit full screen programs, for some unfathomable reason. There's another way, you can downgrade your video card drivers to use xp drivers instead, that actually allows the program to run, but the xp drivers are very unstable on vista, and I still couldn't get the program to display text, but maybe someone with more knowledge of such things could play around with it more.

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