Hi Dark

  Ancient Domains was one of my first accessible rpg's that I played. 
Granted there is a steep learning curve as to the commands and all the 
different symbols.
there is absolutely no way of tracking them without using your look command 
to wander the hole screen.
Very true this is especially annoying when you are attempting to track a few 
of the villagers.  I've sometimes used the JFW curser to track them instead 
of the look command.
I haven't for example been able to find the village elder at all, and only 
once have I found the sherrif.
The elder is in a small building with a door facing [I'm guessing here] 
south.  As for the sheriff he's one of those wandering '@' signs.  I know of 
two other quests in the village.  There is one you can get from a child, and 
also a baby dragon though I don't know as these show in each game.
It would be really useful if a basic coordinate system could be added which 
would alert you of the relative coordinates of objects around you, 
specifically monsters, items, doors and stairways, also a coordinates system 
for when using the look command.
  I'd also like to see Thomas Bisup implement a 'go to' command like Nethack 
has, it would make getting to an exit much simpler.

Just my thoughts. I might well contact the dev on this, sinse compared to my 
nethack experience adom is incredibly accessible.
 He does seem quite open to suggestion for improving the game from what I've 
seen.  I've spent many hours with it over the years.

All the best

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