Hi Dark

  In the cases of both games they can tend to take a great deal of patience 
to play as it certainly isn't exactly fast paced.
  A coordinate system wouldn't be that bad at all to tell the truth.  What I 
sometimes do when in the village and sometimes the dungeons is to route the 
jfw curser to the pc, then use [I think it's called] "Say from beginning of 
line to active curser" and the "Say from active curser to end of line." 
While this doesn't tell you spacifically where something is it does at least 
give you a sense of where an object is in relation to your character.
  The elder is in a building that's only about 3x3 with an open door and 
more or less west of the general store.  And he doesn't tend to come out of 
  It's a great game and even the race/class combinations are extensive 
Though I find assassin to be what I usually play.


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Hi Ron.

The problem I found with Nethack was one of time.

It took so long to determine A, where my character was in relation to the
environment, B, what all the objects around me were, and C, what I could
then do about them, that the game just took far long to play, especially
when i'd been around a bit and the screen was getting crowded.

Adom however seems much more reliant upon text messages and the look command
is a godsend.

Actually If the developer would introduce some sort of coordinates system
which you could check, pluss some alerts and ways of checking for the
locations of various objects, I atually think the game could be played
without reference to the aski at all, just using the look command and
coordinates, which would be fantastic given the complexity of the game.

In the village I'm having real trouble just locating the elder for example,
though obviously he must be there somewhere, if I could just check the
coordinates of people I'm sure I could find him.

I hope the dev gets back to me on this.

Beware the Grue!


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