Hi Jim,
Smile. no, that is not what I meant. When you are typing your screen reader remains in the editor where your code is. However, if you have error checking enabled Window Eyes has a tendancy to read all the error messages as you are typing. For example let us say you are doing a very large if condition and it happenes to take up multiple lines. Both C# 2008 and VB 2008 will allow you to split it over multiple lines, but until you complete the if statement the error checker will continue to flag that area of code as incomplete. Let us say you type
If player.Direction = direction And
then you press the enter key to complete the if statement on the next line the error Window will change, displaying some crap about an incomplete statement, and Window Eyes, Jaws, whatever will duetifully read it even though I know the if statement is incomplete. Problem is it just doesn't announce it once. While you are typing the second line it might do this to me e, error message, n, error message, e, error message, m, error message, y, error message. So while I was typing the word enemy I was still where i was in the editor, and Window Eyes is still reading what I am typing, it also is getting the contents of the error Window and speaking that too as I type. Drives me crazy. So the solution for me was turn error checking off so Window Eyes doesn't nag me with contents of the error checker window.

Jim Kitchen wrote:
Hi Thomas,

And didn't you say something about how the screen reader will move to the error window and it is a pain to get back to the code?

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