I'd just like to add to this that the entire Visual Studio 2008 sweit of IDEs are fairly screen reader friendly out of the box. Yeah, you need to sit down and figure out how to use them, and hiding a few child windows certainly helps, but I successfully use Visual C++, Visual C#, and Visual Basic 2008 on a daily basis without too many screen reader hangups. So right there are three programming languages I listed with three accessible IDEs and compilers.

Che wrote:
Hmm, well if you are going to give up that easy at the first challenge you meet, programming probably isn't for you anyway there Oreo my friend. Programming is very rewarding, but it can also be very frustrating, and often you find yourself running to stand still. Set goals for yourself, then take them down one at a time. Your first goal should be to research the accessibility of vb .net. The IDE is very accessible, especially with the right scripts. You can develop a very professional audio game with vb .net, and you can teach yourself to do it as well, with basically no out of pocket expense. But like I said, if your attitude tends toward that of "this is hard, so I quit" then there is really no need to start. Lots of people talk on this and other lists about game ideas and they are going to program this or that, but very few do it. which is very unfortunate, as we could certainly do with more enthusiastic game developers out there that can actually produce something worthwhile. The tools are out there for you guys to take advantage of. I bet a lot of you have plenty of extra time you could spend learning to program these games, and at the same time you are actually learning a skill that might get you a job one day.
  It can be done, just ask the guy that runs Blind adrenaline Simulations.

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