Greetings Thomas et al.

I've noticed that, with the February 24th update, the rope behaves strangely. 
Often times, I can climb the rope with a weapon drawn, but not while holstered. 
Sometimes, I can climb the rope with a weapon holstered, but only if I jump 
from the side, rather than directly under. If I manage to climb the rope with a 
drawn weapon, I still can't leap to the stone ledge, but I can climb all the 
way up the rope.

Also on the first "stage" with the rope: Sometimes when picking up objects, my 
weapon is unselected, leaving me wielding the torch.

I wonder if the warning message for hazards can come two steps before a hazard, 
rather than one? If you're sprinting, it's rather hard to stop on a dime like 

How difficult would it be to make the mp5 automatic? That is: Tapping the 
weapon button would fire a short burst, while holding down the weapon key would 
fire the weapon for as long as it was depressed.

I'm also slightly baffled at the water mechanics / torches. Apparently, 
Angela's losing oxygen in this particular body of water, so it's sufficiently 
deep enough that she has to swim. How is she able to keep the torch from 
extinguishing in such conditions? Is she swimming with one arm while holding 
the other out of the water? That would, at best, be slightly awkward.
Given the former descriptions, I'm assuming the water is shallow enough that 
Angela can walk through it. Does the engine's depth formula allow for shallow 
water which does not deplete one's oxygen supply?

In a previous message, you said that holding down the jump combinations for 
longer periods yielded in further jumps. However, no matter how long I hold 
down the keys, the landing sound is played immediately upon hitting said 

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