Kai Asked:
I've noticed that, with the February 24th update, the rope behaves strangely. Often times, I can climb the rope with a weapon drawn, but not while holstered. Sometimes, I can climb the rope with a weapon holstered, but only if I jump from the side, rather than directly under. If I manage to climb the rope with a drawn weapon, I still can't
leap to the stone ledge, but I can climb all the way up the rope.

Tom Says:
I'm currently looking into this particular bug. Some people have it and some don't seam to be experiencing it. I have this one on my watch list for looking into this week while i work on Beta 2.

Kai Said:
Also on the first "stage" with the rope: Sometimes when picking up objects, my weapon
is unselected, leaving me wielding the torch.

Tom Says:
Yes, it is suppose to be like that. You need to select a torch, light it, and then switch bak to your weapon. Just game mechanics on how the engine was written here.

Kai Said:
I wonder if the warning message for hazards can come two steps before a hazard, rather
than one? If you're sprinting, it's rather hard to stop on a dime like that.

Tom Says:
I know. That is why you should slow down before getting to close to a fire, chasm, lava pit, whatever. I don't want to use 2 steps as that might make things too easy. You know what I mean?

Kai Asked:
I'm also slightly baffled at the water mechanics / torches. Apparently, Angela's losing oxygen in this particular body of water, so it's sufficiently deep enough that she has to swim. How is she able to keep the torch from extinguishing in such conditions? Is she swimming with one arm while holding the other out of the water?

Tom Says:
As a matter of fact it is a bit of a bug in this case because the water isn't that deep in that room. In other rooms in the game it could be deeper requiring her to go under in places. So more work needs to be done in that area to determine if she is waiding through water or actually swimming under it etc.

Shadow dragon Asked:
Any chance the jumps could be extended so she  actually gets off the
ground, then lands?

Tom Says:
Well, the game actually does have Angela jump over the trap, item, etc in real time using proper physics modeling. What I think is happening is processor speed is so fast that the jump happens so rapidly it doesn't sound like a long or short jump to you. At any rate i can put pauses in there to make it sound like it was a longer jump.

Shadow Dragon Said:
Maybe you could have rolls as well  depending on how well trained
you picture angela being, if you crouch and hit the right arrow she could roll forward and thus, avoid an attack aimed at her previous location, then come up from the roll and strike. That would mean that a range factor would have to be added though,
which would add  another level of complexity to the game though.

Tom Says:
I do like the idea, but probably not in this first Tomb Hunter game. i do have future games in the series planned, full 3D FPS versions, and obviously I want to save some special moves, features, and story game ideas for a future release.

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