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Constantine wrote:

I'm a classic gamer myself. I think I'm one in 1000000 because there doesn't seem to be much interest here.

Anyway, onto my report - I'll make this as detailed as I can, sorta.

Well, to start off with, I own a sega genesis, soon to own a sega cd, 3do and dreamcast - I also own a n64, and gamecube.

Sega Genesis:
Well, this heres pretty obvious - the 16 bit lovable genesis released in 1989. Anyway, the best beat-em-up ever is Streets of rage. Its one of my all time favorite games - and while I can't beat it, I can get to level 4 pretty easy - I made it to level 5 once, but that was by luck. If I practiced enough, I could beat it - but I get enough enjoyment out of it that beating it doesn't matter to me. Mortal kombat 1, 2, and 3 - Well, fighting. Nothing talks, but I don't care. I'm slowly learning all the moves. I love mk 3, though, its got the coolest music, and my favorite MK character of all - nightwolf!

Sega CD:
This heres an add on to the genesis. Its got the same color pallit - but better sound, more storage space - which means more things talk and more accessibility is here... Mortal Kombat for this system wasn't widely recognized. Bad graphics. Jesus. Who cares about graphics! Its basically MK1 for the genesis revamped to have characters names spoken, and music from the arcade version. The most horrible thing here though is the load times. Nearly 30 seconds between each fight. If you do a fatality, you have to wait about a second before it actually does it. Keep in mind I'm only brushing the top. I could go into much more details over each game, each system, etc. I'm missing a system or two here - but you get the idea. Mostly fighting games - but then again, Rush 2: extreme racing for the n64 was and still is one of the coolest racing games of all time.

contact details:

email: tcwoo...@shaw.ca

and others
msn: the_conman...@hotmail.com
skype: the_conman283

system details:
Hp pavillion dv5220CA notebook pc
AMD Turion(tm) 64 Mobile Technology ML-37 2.0 GHZ, 1024 mb DDR ram, Fujitsu 100 gb 4500 RPM Hard Drive, connecsant AC-link audio

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