Hi Che,
Yes, that is always the major problem with software development. It is hard to expect our customers to shell out $120 for a really great set of headphones like the Medusa5.1 surround sound headphones. Personally, I don't mind the $120 price tag as I felt they were well worth every single penny I spent for them. Another potential customer might not exactly feel that way. For us 3d audio, full 5.1 surround sound, is the holy grail of audio based gaming. This is our equal to the 3d graphics that our sighted peers look for. Some of those main stream games require at least a $300 high quality graphics card to get the best vidio quality out of there PC games. For us a 5.1 surround sound card and 5.1 surround sound headphones is about the same thing. Only problem is can or will our customers pay for it? It is hard enough to get sales for a game that costs $30 to $35 which is priced well below the average for sighted mainstream games. Requiring a $120 pare of headphones, and a high quality sound card might hurt those sales even further. Then again, as I said earlier what we see as change to day could be the standards of tomorrow. It is not uncommon these days to buy a computer and already have a 5.1 compatible sound card already built into the system.

Che wrote:
yes, there is no doubt that headphones for a game in stereo allows for the best experience, unless you are into getting bone rattling bass out of your games. I considered doing true surround sound for rail racer, but in asking around it seemed very few gamers out there have dolby 5.1 setups, and even fewer surround headphones. I have a set of medusa surround headphones, and for the main stream games it works with, it is awesome, but I doubt many accessible gamers will be willing to shell out $120 for a set of headphones just for a gee whiz factor.

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