I am answering this on list in the hopes it might help other developers as well. To trap the mouse, simply reset its coordinates to wherever you want it locked every cycle. If your form pops up at mid screen with a resolution of 500, 500 for example, lock it to 500 -500 and you should be golden, just get the relative change each cycle from that point. I'm recalling the coordinate system off the top of my head here, but you get the idea I'm sure. You will have to play around with capturing its coordinates and determining how much movement to translate, depending on how often you ping it but there isn't much to that really , jus throw a multiplier variable in there that you can adjust while playing until you get it set to what you want. Like wise, this variable can be adjusted in options to allow the player to set their own mouse sensitivity in game. If you aren't using a hard cycle, then just give the mous its own thread and timer and away you go.
 There really isn't much to it once you get it locked down every cycle.

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Hi che,
Thing is the mouse is already in relative mode, and so far my attempts to trap it inside the game window hasn't been too successful. Believe me I want more than anything to get this working as after playing RR with the mouse I want to be able to get the same kind of input with my games. In fact, even the buggy support I have now is pretty good. I like the fact if an enemy sneeks up from the other side a little nudge of the mouse will have Angela spin around and aim right at it. Much more fluid and natural than the keyboard. The responce times are incredible.

Che wrote:
 Hi Thomas and any other interested developers,
There is an easy fix for this. Just put the mouse in relative mode and restrict the boundaries to a small box on your form, that way the mouse never moves beyond those boundaries. Shouldn't take more than twenty minutes to code.
 I did this for Rail Racer, and it works beautifully.
I for one hope very much that you get it working, as it is beyond time we have more games with mouse support in them, and gamers get comfortable with using the mouse. It looks more and more like the mouse or a gamePad will be required for my fighting game, so the more folks we get going with the mouse the better for all of us developers.

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