well nicole chose to be part of jehovas witness so it is his problem
end quote.

Actually, this kind of gets to the heart of the problem I think. Few people choose their religion. Most are brought up in it with no option to opt out. People that are indoctrenated into a lifestyle from birth have a hard time judging that lifestyle objectively, and most just go along with it blissfully unaware the path they are on might be leading absolutely nowhere. To Nicole's credit, he seems to have grasped the silliness of his religions' views on secular entertainment. My opinion is that if you haven't brought your children up with enough intestinal fortitude so they aren't philisophically swayed by a video game, then you have done a poor job bringing your children up. If I were Nicole, I would tell my mother that she has nothing to worry about, that she has raised a well balanced adult that knows the difference between real evil in the world and a video game that uses fantasy as a backdrop for a little interactive theater. If that doesn't appease her, then it is a lost cause and she will just have to stew in her own cauldron of insecurity while Nicole participates in something that millions of others have enjoyed before him without turning into demon worshipping heathens.
 Anyhow, that is my two coppers worth for any light it might shed.
 Hail satan.

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