Hi Charles,
Exactly my thoughts. It is not so much organized religion or Christianity itself that is the problem. Often it is how people recieve it, what they take from the message, that becomes the real issue. Since we have all different backgrounds, different personalities, we all may get something different from the same message. For some people religion improves there lives, molds them into better people, and for some it is like a mental poison. Especially, when they go to extremes like refusing to eat deviled eggs because it has the word devil in it. We also need to remember people don't just warp or twist religion, but warp and twist other ideas as well into something else than they were intended for. For instance over the passed 50 years or so the American media has told us all the evils of Communism. What we need to realize is what we think of as Communism such as the USSR was an absolute perversion of Carl Marx's ideas and dream for a Communist society. When you go back and read what Carl Marx actually wrote it becomes painfully clear that neither the Chinese or Soviet governments really stuck to true Communist beliefs or idealism. In the end men like Joseph Stallen bent, twisted, and warped Marxist doctrine into whatever form they wanted. Bottom line, ideas are not the problem. It is what we do with them, if we change them, mold them, or bend them into something other than they were intended for. Ideas and religious beliefs are what we make of them. weather it be for good or for evil.

Charles Rivard wrote:
It's not organized religion that I'm against. It's the behavior and opinions of some of the people.

Gun control only controls the guns of lawful citizens while placing them in control of the

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