Hi Will,
Actually, it isn't that simple for most people. It is a proven fact a lot of what makes us who we are our religious beliefs, likes/dislikes, political associations, etc are learned from our parents. As a result we are less likely to be objective about our own opinions, religious beliefs, etc since we have to have something else to compare it to. This often can be a problem for some people. Especially, if we are talking about something as major as changing a person's religion or a different life style that is totally foreign to them. Let's assume a person was born into a nice Catholic family, was raised Catholic, and didn't have much exposure with non-/Catholics. Later he/she grows up and discoveres there are millions of Christians that are not Catholics and belong to the Lutheran, Baptist, and various other churches. How exactly is this person to make a choice or a decision if one church is better than another when to his/her mind Catholicism is all they knew growing up. In such a case they aren't likely to be very objective, and what opinions they have is likely to be similar to what they have been told growing up. Yes, opinions can change, people can change, but it also takes work. First of all the person has to realise they really don't know if being Catholic is better than being Baptist, and has to get some firsthand information about each religion and base their new opinion on solid firsthand experience and information rather than subjective opinion they heard growing up.

william lomas wrote:
well nicole chose to be part of jehovas witness so it is his problem
we can choose waht we believe in life don't blame other people blames oneself for decisions you make.

People never stand up for their own opinion, religion particularly jehovas witness is ramming it down peoples throats and it paranoia

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