hmm I am my self a christian in a lose sence.
I do aggree that violent games do exist.
Good you bring up the subject, this issue will not go away, in fact last week I 
watched a program on this people taking games to literally.
And actually thinking of these as real.
I have no real answer.
Yeah some of the heavy metal music etc can be violant, so can games.
I actually appose violent games where you kill for no reason but to do it.
Thats why I like stratogy games, where you must think, concerntrate and use 
your head.
Where the enemy is a bit smarter than you, etc.
While we can't please everyone usually if someone doesn't like things, well.
There is headphones in fact my dad does not care about me playing things 
through speakers while he is working because its to noisy.
I don't think I'd really hit a violent game like hitman, etc.
Something with a story where one has to solve puzzels, achieve objectives, etc.
I suppose the rpg style is probably a semi violent type although there are 
stratogies for this to.
It never crossed my mind that something like this could really be offensive 
although yeah I could see other stuff like tank commander, lonewolf, shades of 
doom being offensive.
Also tazan junior could also be seen as such hunter.
And all the alien games we have alien outback, troopinam 1 and 2.
Parts of pipe 2.
and entombed.
hmm decent into madness could bee seen as such and so could the moosic game.
So what is left?
pipe1 although that could be seen as offensive with the rats dogs, and other 
things some of which you need to kill.
Ok so cut that out including all the trek games to.
we have all the jim kitchen games, and probably most of the experimental games 
although not all of these would be able to be played, cod, flyswat blind goose 
sightless and fear of the dark and leap.
All the text games should be able to be played though even the violent ones as 
you do have to think to use those although some of them could also be seen as 
really if you cut out all the stuff you have vary little.
I am not sure about railracer but you sertainly could not play the battle racer 
or come to think of it 3d valosity or puppy 1.
Otherwise you still have a few things.
I  am not restricted to what I do but I know some of my family that are, not my 
imediate family but some cousins.
If you are to much that way as with being to much the other the devel gets you.
Because it just does not work, has all sorts of issues later on.
Still not sure I try to read as little about religion as I can.
I believe in god but not the baggage that comes with it.
At 02:15 a.m. 19/04/2009, you wrote:
>Hi tom and  all
>I'm desperately needing advice. my mom got a fit when she saw me reading an
>e-mail with regards to mota. I assured her that I will not play games on her
>computer which is against her principles. you see I belong to the religion:
>jehovah's witnesses.
>they believe that playing certain games like games containing violence or
>the supernatural is sin.they refuse to accept it that a game is only a game.
>when my mom saw the word tomb hunter she immediately asked me: what is a
>tomb son?
>its where dead people is.
>so she assumes mota has to do with the dead and therefore its a sin to play
>I told her what tom had told us, that mota is based on greek myths and
>so my mom replied: exactly, so this game you want to play has something to
>do with idolatry.
>how on earth can I explain to my mom that mota is not a harmfull game.
>she doesn't want me to play the game on my pc as well.
>of course its my pc and I'm adult  and she can't decide for me but she will
>continuously nag or put the elders on me until I listen to them and I like
>mota, I'm not going to listen to them.
>I'm going to purchase mota.
>in the past elders confiscated music on my computer violently by pulling me
>away from my computer. my mom hates sod just as much, she feels sod is also
>a sin to play.
>but tom I would like your 2 cents view on this matter.
>can you or others tell me why the jehovah witnesses view games like mota as
>a sin and is mota really sin to play?
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