I agree with you for the most part. I am also a christian, and I have played Dungeons and Dragons for a large part of my christian life especially after I became blind. Games in and of themselves are not the problem, it is the persons focus on those games that cause the trouble. This isnt a preaching sermon, just a little information. The common christian is told that JESUS is to be their main focus for every aspect of their life, so when a christian gets involved in other things, there is this constant reminder that material possessions and such have their place, but it should never be before JESUS. In my case, I had to stop playing dungeons and dragons because I would blow large amounts of cash on it, and play it constantly to the point it would consume my life. To a non christian that might seem fine to have a favorite hobby, but for the christian who focuses on that favorite hobby it becomes a kind of battle about what needs to take first place. Some cults and other religions require strict rules on what to eat, touch, watch, celebrate and enjoy. The belief is that by sacrificing things in their lives will make them holier in some fashion. All that does is take away the object, but it doesn't take away the desire in the heart of the person who wants those things.
 I hope that examined the brain of the common christian, grin.


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