Hi Will and all,
Yes, this is really beginning to stray off the topic of games so we might want to begin closing this thread down soon. Not to mention if we continue to debate religious beliefs sooner or later we will stomp on someones toes which we don't want to do. However, as for me personally I've stopped attending church precisely because of the reasons you gave below. In my personal opinion in order for the bible to be truth, factual, one would think something like where do we go when we die, is there going to be a pre-trib rapture or not, was the law nailed to the cross, and a hundred other doctrinal issues would be somewhat standardized in churches. Fact of the matter is opinions on those very issues very from church to church, Christian to Christian, bible study to bible study, and so on. Now, as a rational pragmatic human being I know not everyone with an opinion on the subject is going to be right. Someone is going to be right and someone is going to be wrong. So why bother with attending church when churches can't even agree on core doctrinal issues such as what happens when you die? As for myself I have chosen to become an agnostic on the issue of religion and agree with Thomas Jeferson when he said, "I concern myself with the things that are rather than trouble myself with the things that may be but I have no experience of."

Wil James wrote:
My thought on the whole matter is a quote from the book Christians live by.
That is "Judge not less ye be judged."

You can thank the various religious groups for the thinking I conveyed in my
previous message, mainly, the Baptists.  I  grew up going to all kinds of
churches and getting confused by the differing messages I heard.  One says
you're going to hell because you're listening to rock music, the other said
when you die, you are in limbeau, and you're waiting to find out your fate
in eternity.

What is right?  Who is right?  I still find myself wondering about that.

I'm getting off the subject of games, so I'll stop here.

There is such a thing as "Real Rock." Come check it out!
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