Hi Willem,
Exactly. C++ is widely regarded by mainstream game developers as the best programming language to use for games. However, it is also more difficult to use than Visual Basic, Python, C-Sharp, Java, etc. It is certainly no walk in the park for someone coming to all of this from a newby perspective. Well, even experienced programmers like me find C++ not very easy to work with at times. There is a lot of things about C-Sharp that makes it more apealing than C or C++. C-Sharp is fully object oriented, I don't have to worry about pointers, function prototypes, or handling much memory management. With C++ you have to worry about those sorts of things, and I'd just as soon not deal with it if I can help it. As far as Java goes I've not especially had much luck producing a really high end game with it. Smaller games seam to be fine written in Java. A big game like Mysteries of the Ancients doesn't seam to operate very well in Java. I'm not sure of the cause, but I can't recommend it here as anyone's first choice. Although, it is possible there are solutions to the problems i've had out there.

dwill...@gmail.com wrote:
Hi marvin.
A good call. C++ would probably be the stablest if you know it well, but it wil 
take the most time to get something done. Python or c sharp may be a better 
call. I am not a big fan of basic type languages, but many games were created 
using the defunct visual basic. Ive seen you on the java list. Java could be 
risky for big projects, but it can be as flexable as python.
It also depends how big the game is you want to make.

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