Hi marvin and all,

1. what do i need to get started writing a game.
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Well, you will need a compiler, know a programming language, plenty of good documentation to teach you some simple games to create for practice, and an SDK for a game API such as DirectX or LibSDL. Other things you might want to find are some free sounds and music you can use to practice with.

2. do i need a game engine or could i create one my self.
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You don't need a game engine to create games. If you are skilled enough in a programming language and know how to use such APIs as DirectX, LibSDL, PyGame, etc you can create your own game engine from scratch. In fact, you can create games from scratch without an engine. Most games, especially simple ones, don't need an engine anyway.

3. how to create the games.
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This is not a question that can be answered by e-mail. You are going to need to read some books, possibly several, before you will get the answer to that question. There is nothing simple or easy about programming games. Especially, when we talk about designing games. From a programming standpoint programming games is much more complicated than maintaining a database for a hospital or writing something like Microsoft Word. Writing games requires knowledge and experience in various programming areas such as networking, scripting, artificial intelligence, etc. Not to mention some knowledge of math and physics doesn't hurt either. The point being is to create good high quality games you might have to learn much more than just a programming language and a few APIs like DirectX. There are specific techniques and skills you need to learn as well. For example, let us say you want to create an online game such as Blind Adrenaline's new card games. To do that you would have to have some skill working with network sockets, and will need to study how to design networked games. That's a separate skill from building a good artificial intelligence, or adding scripting ability to your new game engine. Each will require some time and study on those specific areas of programming, and require a fairly lengthy book in of themselves.

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