After losing her planes for the 20est time, Liz loudly declared: "I'd rather see a game about puppies than this stupid..." And then next day, I couldn't get her to stop playing... She got skilled enough that I lost a dinner bet against her odds of reaching 30 kills!
Congrats Jim, you got yourself a new puppy lover...
On the other note, here are some suggestions we puzzled together while playing: 1. It'd be nice if one keep receiving a new plane after 5 kills even after the 15- gives one something to look forward to beside than eventually losing.

2. Be kind of nice if there's an optional aiming device one can use- for those of us with hearing issues... Both of us can only hear out of one ear, and that makes this type of game extremely challenging to say the least at times.
That being said, I did get a 38 kill count on the expert meh...

3. Maybe a way to turn quickly? It is very frustrating when you are turning left like maaad and end up not reaching the 0 in time no matter what rofl.

4. Maybe a way to reverse course and move away from your enemies to line up for a better shot? With six planes coming at me on the expert level, that'd be very handy!

5. I notice sometimes I have to shoot a plane like 15 times before it drops, and at times, I get the kill on one shot...maybe a key that'd do a damage report on the enemies?

6. Suicide the Japanese did...if I can't get them, maybe I can take one down with me?

7. The ability to roll your plane...when the enemies come in for the kill, when you hear that mumbling voice that tells you you're about to die, maybe one can roll the plane to try to avoid the hit?

That's about it...Again, a nice little game that has provided us with hours of fun rofl, and now I got to beat my own 38 expert kill record.

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