Hello: Perhaps the subject of this thread should be, "mud-bashing". Muds are, by enlarge, quite accessible. There are any number of mud and pure telnet clients out there, and they are "free" to. They work quite well, with only minor adjustments required, for screen readers. Muds provide a text means of interaction with others, both sighted and blind, and friends can be made on muds.

I, personally, enjoy the hack&slash muds, especially those which allow a character to grow. By character growth, I mean, in both stats and levels, with a character becoming more and more powerful over time.

There are good muds out there depending upon a person's interest. Although the mud, as an internet passtime is becoming less popular, muds, in one form or another, will be around for some time to come, and the demise of the mud, in my humble opinion, will be a closing of a chapter which has allowed blind gamers to participate, with little modifications to software on an even playing field with all mud players.

For all the intellectual types out there, the greatest game out there is life---its full of puzzles, and there is no hack&slash,except, perhaps, if,, one is in Iraq, or Afghanistan. or, perhaps, if one is in the "real world", where the hack&slash is, rather, intrinsic.

So, I guess, if one is looking for a good mud, it can be found on planet earth where the telnet client, then, is "us". No address or port number is required

I like a good hack&slash mud for my relaxation: Its almost as invigarating as a good cup of coffee.

So, I am breaking the mold, so to speak. I like a good hack&slash mud, with unlimited levels and (if possible), unlimitede stats.
Two good hack&slash muds out there are:


(which is Dune mud)

and the other is Dragon Swords mud, and if anyone is interested, I will give the link for that one. I have been on mud games since 1996 or late 1995, and I used a shell account to get onto the internet. (muds were even accessible as a fine form of entertainment then, also)

Thanks again, and hang in there hack&slashers


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