Sorry if you guys get this twice.
The .ini track loading system is in, but is still broken a bit and needs some 
serious work to get it to actually work like it's supposed to. It would appear, 
at least for now, that using .ini files doesn't slow the main loop down enough 
to bother with. this is good. At the moment we have an every day list box that 
popps up when you go to pick a track. The tracks are listed in there and the 
file extention is on the end, ini. Don't know if we should remove the extention 
from the list or not. You select the track you want and then tab to the ok 
button and press that.

Right now all of the game except that is self voicing, though we considered 
using the API for the screen reader if a compatible one happened to be running 
to speak stuff instead of SAPI. We aren't using any key commands yet that a 
screen reader could conflict with, but when key echo is on it's kind of 
bothersome as you hold down a button, like the letter i, to accelerate and the 
screen reader keeps saying the letter over and over again. I know a way to make 
the track select list box speak with SAPI if necessary. Don't know if the ok 
button could be spoken or not. We're using all SAPI for now and probably going 
to keep using a synthesizer of some sort since things are going to be so 
generic. When we have object names and such loading from a .ini file that 
anyone can create with any name they can think of, audio voiceovers won't work 
for reading names of those objects and all that good stuff. I wouldn't mind 
using the dll version of ESpeak to tell the trooth. Right now the train sim is 
portable. We're going to keep it that way if we can. There is no installer. You 
just download it, unzip it and run the train.exe file.
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