Hi Che,
I know the feeling. I'm not sure why but simple and easy games appears to be what sells in the accessible games market. As many people know one of my plans will be to create a full blown 3d game engine, as in actual 3d levels with 3d objects, 3d movement, as well as 3d audio support. No sooner did i mention my plans I got various comments to the effect that anything I made using it would be "too hard" even though they never seen the final product yet. One of the things that bothered me was some people immediately tried to tell me that because they have problems with Audioquake and Technoshock they absolutely know that they couldn't play any of my games. They didn't seam to consider the fact that with Audioquake accessibility is poorly implemented, and because it is a modified version of Quake it wasn't designed from the ground up for a blind player. Accessibility is an add on, and there could be a lot more done to it to provide accessibility. Technoshock also has some accessibility issues, that make it harder than say Shades of Doom to play, and i feel accessibility could b done better in that game. I've seen what works and what doesn't and I'd use that experience plus my own blindness to work out any and all accessibility problems that might crop up. Anyway, the bottom line is now and then we see a thread like this where someone suggests coming up with something new, something different, something more mainstream, and when a developer tries to do that, come up with something truly amazing like Rail Racer, the complaints thatit is too hard come rolling in. As a developer we really can't win. No matter if we do something easy or something new and slightly challenging someone is going to complain.

Che wrote:
I agree with ya man,
I tried something different with rail racer, and I suppose it was somewhat successful, but i got lots of complaints that it was too complicated to play. folks complain if it is too easy, if it is too hard, if it takes too much practice to master, blah blah blah. just can't please all the folks all the time. next i am doing an online playable football game, driven with mouse support, custom plays, online season play against human opponents, high end sound effects, etc. . I was going to do a really involved fighting game as posted on list here, but didn't get much feedback on it, and didn't want to spend the next 18 months on something that wasn't going to sell, especially such an ambitious project. I think the folks that would have enjoyed the online fighting game would have really enjoyed it a lot, as those that play rail racer constantly do, but there just aren't enough of them out there to justify the time spent. you can check the archives for details. the project might still get done, but it will have to wait. I think the masses want simple and easy, and those kind of games seem to sell the best. troop n em sold a lot of copies, and at its core, its just a simple shoot em up. anyhow, i want a killer football game myself, so I'm gonna make one. if folks like it fine, if not, whatever, you got to go with what yer passionate about, or the results come out luke warm at best. as for other developers out there, i can't comment, they do what they do, and so far innovation hasn't been at the top of any of their lists lately from what i've seen.
We can only hope that changes soon.
This is not a money making market to spend hundreds and perhaps thousands of hours on a project and make just a few grand on it. you have to love doing it almost as a hobby , or yer in for dissapointment. I set up the card room because I love poker, and also to offset some of my dedicated server costs, and folks that have played have told me they are the best card games out there for the blind, with features not seen anywhere else. But even so, nobody is gonna make a living doing this stuff. i've seen cracked copies of most of the accessible games out there, hosted by fellow blinks. these people are total idiots, not realizing the damage they are doing to the accessible gaming market, but they don't care. i know some of them are reading this, and if you are sharing any cracked games, you should be very ashamed of yourself. in sucha small market, the damage you are doing is immense. Bottom line, if your a fellow developer working on a game now, my hat is off to you, this is a hard task without much reward or thanks, but non developers don't get that and don't seem to care either. But having said that, can't we push the envelope a little bit? Do we really need another shoot em up or arcade action game? hasn't all that been done enough by now?

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