Yes, very very true. Sometimes It just takes a while for some gamers to adapt to something new. Take Rail Racer for example. When Che first announced the project publically I'll admit I had my doubts about it. I really didn't think the game was going to be all that apealing. However, as time went on and I saw more of the end product it became clear it was the best accessible racing game I've ever played. It's online and off line play is adictive, and it takes a long time to get the hang of playing the game. That's the way it should be. As for the its too hard argument I honestly don't think some people try hard enough at it or don't want to have to work for the pay off. I remember when I first played Shades of Doom, and I found the game really difficult on the easiest experience level. well, after a couple of weeks I got the hang of it, and slowly tried harder and harder experience levels until I am an expert at the game. I didn't get that good at the game just by playing once through. I must have spent hours and hours on it the first couple of months. When I finally killed the boss on the most difficult experience level without using a saved game or cheat codes you can bet I was pretty darn proud of myself. The pay off was really really satisfying.

Munawar Bijani wrote:
Agreed. I have gotten the same complaints about Three-D Velocity--although it seems as if most people here are very tempted to try new things. So yes, you get the occasional "this is too hard, add feature X to make it easier" message, but for the most part you'll see a positive outlook; if for nothing else, at least because you bring new ideas to the AG market. I think we're all sick of the guess the numbers and side-side shooting games like Dark Destroyer. Just remember, if they don't like it, they don't have to buy it, so don't let it put your hopes down if a couple people do start complaining. Keep your target audience in mind, and don't try to cater to everyone because it won't work. Several games (including Treasure Hunt) failed because of this.
Munawar A. Bijani

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