Just spent most of today messing with my vipmud demo, so far I've figured out the alias, triggers and keys. Here are a few questions for you experts out there:

1. Is there a way to brouse to the sound I want to use for a trigger from the client itself? It takes ages for example, when I want a sound to trigger off of (You slash * very hard*, and I got to minimize my vipmud and go sort through my 3000 odd sound files to find the one that fits, find it's exact path, then come back and paste into the trigger editor...

There must be an easier way of doing this?

2. Now I've created a trigger: (You stand in your recall* and it plays the mp3 file I wanted it to play. Problem is, the song is like 6 mins long, and now I can't get it to stop? The helpfile mentioned the #pc stop command and the stopmusic alias, but neither seem to work here.

3. So if I got multiple characters on one mud and I want the above 'recall' trigger to be shared by them all, how do I go about setting that up?

4. I read somewhere that you can make vipmud open different windows for different texts, but I can't figure out how... Say if I want all gossip messages to go on a separate window, what's the commands I would use, and where do I type them in?

Before some of ya tell me to go read the helpfile again, let me quickly mention that I have been doing just that this past half a day rofl. I guess being quite happily simplified with Gmud for the past 7 years, my brain's just not quite ready to take in all these scripting symbols and rules- helpfile or no helpfile.

So, before I trash this new comp of mine out of frustration, I am going to close that file now, and hope some of you can answer me in the language that I can understand <grins>

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