Been enjoying this game for the last few days...the demo anyway. I love it. Alot of replay values and nice sounds. I wonder, if it's possible to change the machinegun sound to a heavier machinegun- you know how they say, 'the heavy machinegun roars...' well, this doesn't exactly roar, it's more like a medium machinegun heh.

Also, for those of us with hearing issues, is it possible to add in an aiming aid like SOD? At the hardest level it gets very frustrating, and also the game starts to get a bit old when one/I, have to mostly rely on sweeping the gun from one end to the other rofl. The helicopter and the ships at least can be chanced, but those darn rockets moves about and when you can't aim right in the first place...well you get the picture. Also might be neat if you get a special sound when your at the end of a turn, like a click or something when you reach the far right or left. For aiming aid, I suggest using the shift key already built in...just have it beep differently when the gun is pointing at something.

So far the highest I've reached is 9000 or so points on the hardest level which is around the seventh wave...but I have to admit, that's alot of fluke on my side.

That's it for now.

I love the theatre thing, especially 'Living with Liam!' rofl

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