Hi Bryan,
I changed the enemy weapons for a couple of reasons.
For starts the amazons were suppose to be good with a bow, and prefered it over a knife, sword, dagger, whatever. So it makes logical sense the amazons in this game should have a bow and arrow as their default weapon of choice. As for giving the centaurs fireballs you can blame that on Tomb Raider. In the first Tomb Raider game, the one released in 1997, there is this one area guarded by a couple of majorly tough centaurs that throw fireballs at Lara Croft. Not only do the fireballs do considerable damage the centaurs are harder to kill than most of the other enemies in the game. In a sense they are like miner bosses in that game. Anyway, inspired by that Tomb Raider level I've been thinking of sort of using that idea in my own game. After all Edos Interactive can hardly scream copyright infringement over a fireball throwing centaur. It is too common, too generic, for them to scream over.


Bryan Peterson wrote:
I was surprised as well. I downloaded it right away. As for me I liked the changes, although I wondered why the weapon changes for the Amazons and Centaurs. I've always asociated centaurs with archery LOL. Homer: Hey, uh, could you go across the street and get me a slice of pizza?
Vender: No pizza. Only Khlav Kalash.

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