Hi Kevin,
Well, first of all, the game is constantly undergoing changes. Not just the game but the manual, sound effects, speech files, etc. As a result some files might be added, some removed, and the directory structure might change slightly between releases. The net effect is that if you install or upgrade one version over another there is going to be a bunch of extra junk left over that isn't being used, and is just waisting space. Not to mention successive upgrades can cause problems that might not show up in a clean install. As it happens you probably don't know even Microsoft recommends that you perform a clean install of Windows instead of running the Windows upgrade cd when upgrading to a new full release of Windows. However, they do offer the upgrade cds simply because some people aren't able to do a complete install on their own, or there is some technical reason like they need special drivers that aren't provided with the full retail version. Still that doesn't undermine the fact it is usually better to do a fresh install of Windows when upgrading rather than to buy the upgrade cd. Anyway, as a developer I always live by "it is better safe than sorry." Most developers know upgrading is bad, a clean install is best, so that is what I make my testers do. As far as the setup tool I use, Inno Setup, it can do upgrades, but I've noticed it doesn't always work correctly.I've personally seen times where it fails to overwrite some file, for some reason or other, and that ends up generating a nasty bug in the game you wouldn't have had if it was just installed clean. So that reason is just one more example why upgrading an existing installation can be bad.


Kevin Weispfennig wrote:

I think this question has been aksed, but why do you have to uninstall the game first before installing the first one?
And, can't the Installer that installs the game do it?



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