as I said darren, I simply find a distant cargo or passenger, then fill up with things I can deliver along the way, ---- either systems I'm directly passing through found via the plotter, or systems I've previously noticed in the jump gate nexus are close to a given system I'm passing, ---- for instance I know that Bedlum is very close to Descarte, so while running through descarte, nipping into and out of Behdlum to drop of passengers or cargo isn't a problem, ---- though obviously I'd only take runs to bedlum or Descarte if I was several galaxies away and the price was good.

Thus, using the plotter to check whether a given system is on your current route isn't a bad idea too, ---- though I've found after a good few runs round the galaxies I can mostly remember what is related to where so am able to pick systems which are near or far.

It also helps that the galaxies go broardly speaking in a circle, ---- Vesesia in the sphere leading to Lucifer in the forge, then into vp via bolos, then out of vp via Zarant into anvil, and then back to sphere via pallollum.

Obviously it's more complex than that, but being able to go round does help, ---- though it's about a thousand fuel for a round trip.

It sort of makes the 35 system galaxy in smugglers feel a litle small doesn't it.

Beware the grue!


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