Hi Bryan,
That's just it though. A small time developer hasn't a chance of competing with a multi million dollar mainstream game company for a number of reasons. For one reason the major game platforms like the Play Station is closed to everyone except a select few major players in the game industry. Believe me I should know. I once looked into developing games for my Play Station II, contacted Sony about how to go about it, and found out more than I wanted to know. First of all it costs several thousand dollars to license, obtain, and use the Play Station platform development kits. Then, Sony has a certain specification all games must follow in order to qualify for development on the platform. If they don't meet those specifications and qualifications Sony will not allow you to release said game for their platform. So they call all of the shots in terms of what games can and can not even be released for the Play Station. Then, there are legal documents, special non-disclosure agreements, etc up the butt to waid through and sign. in short, after several thousand dollars, several months of development, lots of paperwork and legal wrangling, Sony may review your game and decide it doesn't meet specifications, and will not qualify for official release until Sony decides to approve the title. Basically, my point is that the Sony Play Station has never been designed for the casual or small time game developer. You have to be a major player, big game developer, to even afford the licenses and obtain the development tools necessary to create a game for the Play Station in the first place. Even then you have little say in the matter as Sony has to approve your title, approve any changes that doesn't meet with current specifications, etc. So if you want to add this or that which might make the game more accessible but happens to violate their specifications the game will not be accepted until that feature is removed. sucks doesn't it? So in my own way I sympathize with this lawsuit. Sony has created an impossible standard for a small time developer like myself, have shut us out completely from developing on there platform, and adopted standards and specifications that take absolutely no consideration for accessibility features. Unless Sony decides to adopt accessibility the Play Station and their games will remain as they currently are. Which either by accident or design happens to be about the most accessible game console out there right now if you want to work at it. Talk about irony.

Bryan Peterson wrote:
Let's face it people, mainstream accessibility is probably never going to happen even though the technology is and probably has been there for a lot of years. Or if it does it's going to take a small time developer developing an accessible game so groundbreaking that the mainstream devs can't help but take notice. And even should that happen, let's face it. The dev or devs might still not be convinced. Or they'd try and find some way to get the dev responsible for this groundbreaking title to cease any future development, be it hush money or something else just so they didn't have any competition. Not necessarily very realistic I'll admit but who really knows what a big corporation will do these days if they feel threatened? Even if the developer was not in violation of any copyrights they might still take issue. And anyway they'd have to develop said title for one of the major gaming platforms.

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