While I, like everyone else, would love the idea of having every single game
accessible in the future, it will not happen.
Think about how costly this would be, development would raise the price of a
game to probably double what it is now.
And to an extent I could understand that the sighted gamers will hit the
roof when they are forced to pay outrageous prices for content they would
never need or use.
Again, I would love to see this happen, nut chances are very very slim that
this is happening. We are too few in numbers really to be a target customer
for those games. The only thing I can see happening is maybe them adding
reading out loud in all menus and stuff so that it is easier to navigate.
This should be easy to do and would not really cost more, I assume.
They already have subtitles for hearing impaired gamers but the adjustments
for that group are so much easier anyway, because you do not have to change
the game itself at all.

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Hi Chrissy,
Weather it works or not I think the main point of this lawsuit should be 
to make Sony and some of these major companies aware that accessible 
mainstream video games are possible, and that we would like them to take 
us seriously as a group interested in purchasing their video games. It 
is important to remember these companies, Sony in this case, repeatedly 
ignores requests for accessibility features, and won't even give a 
person a reasonable response when asked about accessibility. Here is a 
case in point.
Back when the Play Station III was coming out I wrote them asking about 
possible accessibility features. I gave various suggestions in which 
they could improve the platform, improve accessibility, etc. However, 
the only response I got back was something to the effect "thank you for 
your suggestions, but Sony can not endorse or accept new ideas for game 
titles, or improvements for existing game titles."
I can't remember the reply word for word, but it was pretty clear they 
hadn't even read my e-mail.Even if they had it looked like something 
drafted by a team of lawyers to serve as a one size fits all type of 
canned answer they send everybody. Indeed I sent a few more e-mails and 
got basically the same message multiple times sent out by a different 
customer service rep. So what are we suppose to do to get these peoples 
The bottom line is Sony, and probably various other companies, have 
customer service reps --- low level peons --- to basically tell the 
average Joe Smith to take a hike. So It is very doubtful anyone with any 
real authority saw my message, and I am assuming this person who is 
suing Sony got the exact same treatment. The first thing the Sony movers 
and shakers probably knew of this is when they got hit with the lawsuit, 
and that is because they hired peons to stone wall anyone who has a 
serious suggestion or complaint about their products.

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