Yes it's a minefield no arguments there. But the whole point is that piracy
on this list is not permitted yet a request was made, whether it was an
accident or not is of no importance, the point is, a direct request for
pirated content was sent to this list, by the very person that is meant to
be upholding the guidelines of this list. 

I'm sorry, whilst I have nothing against Thomas personally I think he's an
ok kind of guy, but how can someone in his position, come down in the future
on someone for rearing the ugly head of piracy when he's directly done it
himself? In the biggest way possible! Nobody now is really going to take him
seriously unfortunately and the problem here is that nobody is going to
forget this either. The moment piracy rears it's ugly head again and yes it
will, if Thomas comes down on it again, it will open this whole can of worms
again and again and again. 

If he'd made the mistake just as a list member and not a moderator, then yes
it could be let go because a list member has no power to moderate therefore
cannot enforce list polacy. But a person in the kind of position of
responsibility who is upholding list polacy cannot afford to make mistakes
like that and just get away with it for 1 very simple reason. If you are
upholding a set of laws or guidelines, you have to be seen to be following
them yourself. The moment that is shown to not be the case, then you've got

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what if, let's say instead of copying and distributing that cassette, you 
tell the person to turn on the radio at the exact same time you do and 
record the exact same content? Or you could simply let the person borrow 
that cassette for a few days, then give it back. they would've still 
listened to that content even if they never made a copy. This is why I think

copyright law is just a total waste of time and makes absolutely no sense.
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