True Tom, ---- but even more successful independent companies have been reasonable about access.

One great example of this is Niels bauer, ---- for their full history, look them up on Wikipedia, --- and you'll see they've been going for a lot longer, and been far more successful (relatively speaking for an independent company), than i first imagined.

I wasn't initially certain after Smugglers 4, whether they would be willing to add access changes precisely because! of the financial performance of S4 as an accessible game, and the fact that they're apparently currently feeling the recession (one reason I've been trying hard to publicize their stuff).

however, I now learn that their next title, ----- Tv manager 2, will contain the same access features which S4 did (see the announcement on for details and links to their blog).

while I don't believe they'll be modifying any of their existing titles to make them accesible, ----- rather sad considdering Empires and dungeons), it does seem that their continuing their access changes in games, ---- even when, as in Smuglers 4 this took a deal of coding, testing and perfecting to get working correctly.

I do sometimes actually wonder, if, ---- had circumstances been different, back in the 1970's and 1980's when mainstream games companies like rainbow arts and activision were small scale affairs and it was stil possible for an individual programmer or small team to write and publish a game in the mainstream industry on their own, ---- if someone had thought to contact Activision, Nintendo, namco etc what the response to accessibility would've been.

Of course, getting accessibility in the 70's and 80's would've been a technical challenge I know, ---- but stil, I do wonder if the creators at that point, ---- many of whome stil worked under their own motivation, would've been more reasonable.

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