Hi Al,
Hahaha. I love your description of cheat code based play, and in many ways it is apt. The whole point of cheat codes is, I think, it is a way to get some amusement or added fun out of the game. As long as the person doesn't take them too seriously they can be used to create some fun and rather interesting games that goes above and beyond reality. You can think of it as a cheap thrill. Imagine for a moment playing Tank Commander and suddenly you pull out this cheat code that allows you to have shields and add unlimited phasers to your tank. Hear all of these tanks are lobbing shells at you which bounce off your deflector shields you fire phaser blast after phaser blast into the enemy tanks vaporising them one by one. It is a completely ridiculous situation, very unrealistic, but it has its own sort of sick sense of humor. It isn't all what you would call serious game play, but might be amusing or of interest to some gamer out there. For my part I can just imagine the enemies reaction to such an obvious cheat. "Ok, we got him now. Move in for the kill. What the... Hey, weapons are doing no damage. We are getting our butts seriously kicked. Holy crap!" Bang! Boom! pow!

Allan Thompson wrote:
Cheat codes are fun, pure and simple. However, they are a diffrent kind of fun. I would compare the "purist" method of play versus the "cheat" type of play like this. In the first, you are playing a game of chess against an intelligent equal, in the second, you are playing chess against a monkey. The first game is serious, challenges your skills, causes you to learn an improve. When you win, if you win, you feel satisfied in the victory. Then there is the monkey game. You turn your pawn into a tank, and destroy the monkeys rooks with a photon torpedo. The monkey don't care, and neither do you. No seriousness, no brain drain, no putting way too much effort and time into what amounts to a bit of electricity pushing around little bits of electronic nothingness. You flameThrower the monkeys queen, he don't care, he's a monkey, and you don't care, cause you got this awesome flameThrower and you are blowing those monkeys pieces to kingdom come!!
It is all fun, just diffrent.
So I like cheat codes. I don't look down on anyone who does use cheat codes because if they are willing to download it, or buy it, they are more then entitled to play the heck out of that game anyway they please without me judging them. They aren't worse players or people for it, they aren't better, just diffrent. That is the crux. Cheat codes are not an insight into a persons moral quality or life attitude. It is just a game, they are just getting some enjoyment until they have to go back to life, and the world keeps spinning. Besides...I like monkeys. People get all upset when you use a flameThrower on their chess pieces, grin.

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