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Well, actually what happened is they placed Elizabeth Bathory in a room and walled her up in there. The reason they did that is because everyone believed she was responsible for the death of several young women in the region, and they were afraid to bring her to trial. The Countess was never actually put on trial for her alleged crimes, but there were plenty of accusations made towards her. The exact number of murders she may have committed is not known but they range from a couple dozen to over 600 murders. Of course, like any story once the roomers began flying they snowballed, and people several miles away began accusing the Countess with abducting and murdering some missing young woman or young girl that happened to go missing during that time period. Today if you pick up a book or story about Elizabeth Bathory you will hear about a wealthy woman who murdered hundreds of women, drank their blood, bathed in their blood, and was evil enough to actually be a vampire. However, many historians do believe most of the Bathory legend is gossip rather than historical fact.

Anyway, true or not the Bathory legend happens to be ripe for a really good back story for a game dealing with a female vampire queen. The fact she was never tried, and was walled up in a room plays well for a vampire story. Plus the historical fact Elizabeth Bathory was related to various royal families in Europe at the time including some living in Transylvania. That fact alone can be used to make some connection with Count Dracula. Then, you have the number of murders she was suppose to have committed. I highly doubt she actually killed 600 young women myself, but an author could play it for all its worth if he/she is assuming the Countess was no longer human.

As far as a magic chain goes I like it, but perhaps it is better off as a story device rather than an actual weapon or special item. more like to say the vampire was chained up for a number of years by this enchanted chain, but it was broken, and now this hero has to slay the vampire queen.

dark wrote:
Well she was apparently walled up, ----- so that would make sense.

Binding in chains does make sense, and has a devine overtone, ---- as it was used in Ancient myths to punish gods like Loki as well.

In game terms however, I don't see how this would work in an action sense, ---- though it might make a cool game extra.

Say you have one part of the chain to find and collect each world, and if you get to the countess and defeat her without all of it, ---- you get a "Good job, but she's coming back" type of ending.

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