Hi Dark,
That's the Countess Elizabeth Bathory --- the so-called Hungarian Blood Countess. It was said she slue over 600 virgins and bathed in their blood to retain her youth. There have been very few more truly evil and sadistic serial killers in history that would qualify as a historical vampire. So yes she would make a very good boss figure, and her story fits right in with known vampire lore nicely.

I wasn't aware she had been used in a Castlevania title before, but still they mainly focussed on Dracula. So using Elizabeth Bathory instead of Dracula would be a bit different, and still have an ancient and somewhat historic vampire to fight. You have a marvelous sense of back story for games, and a man after my own heart.


dark wrote:
Hi tom.

castlevania, ---- and supercastlevania in particular, actually over uses skeletons a bit, sinse many enemies are skeletons with different attack patterns, ---- everything from hitting you with swords, having whips of their own, just jumping at you or throwing axes.

in the Treasury level there are even skeletons made of gold.

It'd be nice to give some other undead an outing too, ---- afterall there's no shortage to choose from.

As to dracula, ---- well Castlevania NEw generation on the mega drive uses Elizabeth Bathry (appologies if this is a wonky spelling), the extremely cruel 15th century countess who finished up being walled up alive as a final boss, ---- claiming that she's a vampire trying to resurrect and marry dracula.

As dracula's been around a long time though, there's no reason why this couldn't be turned around, ---- in fact why not say Dracula was killed by Van gelda as described in the original novel, ---- but countess Bathry has recently escaped her prison and is causing havoc.

this could be interesting, both in terms of history and vampire lore, ---- and in terms of a game having an intreaguing vampire boss who was historically significant, ---- but not Dracula.

beware the grue!


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