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It is interesting you bring this topic up. As it happens I am a Window eyes user, have been so for a number of years, and haven't experienced any issues with having it running while playing a game like Q9 or Mysteries of the Ancients. The problem with the screen reader and the games locking up seams to be a Jaws specific issue. If I start my copy of Jaws and run Mysteries of the Ancients the keyboard commands for the menus etc will do absolutely nothing. Unload Jaws and the game works fine. Load Window Eyes and the game together and the game works fine. So the problem is definitely Jaws specific. I've mentioned this problem to them a while back, but they did what they always do, and blew me off. Freedom Scientific really doesn't care about their customer base as far as I can tell. Plus some of their people have really narrow minded opinions on some things.

dark wrote:
Just as a vaguely informational point, with hal there is never any need to actually shut the program down.

The voice can be turned off with ctrl 0, and at that point all commands which do not directly interfere with hal's own commands are absolutely fine to use, --- in fact the only real reason to turn the voice off is to stop random chatter throughout the game.

In games which use the number pad, ----- or the F keys when playing on a laptop, and thus conflict with Hal's own commands, it's also necessary to turn Hal's keys off with ctrl 8 after turning the voice off.

Sinse ctrl space is needed to enter Hal's control panel, --- it's necessary to do this in Q9 as well, ---- though it's not really a problem.

I believe the reason hal can stil run and not conflictwith games etc is something to do with the way hal handles keystrokes being different to the way Jaws (or I believe window eyes), does, ---- but I'm not sure.

this is just some extra information, sinse I've noticed a lot of developers automatically instruct players to shut down their screen readers before playing as a matter of course, ---- which obviously isn't as necessary with Hal. Probably because i'm used to it, I admit I like Hal's system, sinse it means I can very literally start a game up, then flick off Hal's voice and possibly keys if needed while the game is running, ---- and don't have the bother of having to setup short cuts or some other way of starting the games without being able to read the screen.

btw, this isn't intended as a Hal vs jaws bash, ---- such conversations are rarely useful, ----- particularly with someone like me who's used Hal for so long, I'm incredibly used to the way it does things, ---- and would find different methods slightly confusing, ---- the couple of occasions I've had chance to play with a system with Jaws installed on it were not happy ones exactly for this reason.

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